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We are excited to be able to offer the Mahle-Aftermarket range of Diagnostics, Digital ADAS, Air-Con, ATF Machines & the OzonePro.

MAHLE Service Solutions combines the expertise from many business areas, be it from MAHLE as a development partner and supplier of original equipment for vehicle air conditioning, from MAHLE Powertrain as a driver of innovation and supplier of testing and diagnostic systems to the automotive industry, from MAHLE Behr Service with more than 25 years of experience in A/C service units, or from the U.S. company RTI Technologies Inc., which has been integrated into the MAHLE Group and is specialised in A/C service units and systems for exchanging fluids.


The TechPRO® range acts as an interactive interface between you, the automotive professional, and the vehicle. With numerous versatile features, extensive scanning options, simpler user software and a large number of interfaces, TechPRO® scantools promise you fast work that gest results.


It’s the powerful operating system, up to ten times faster than other vehicle diagnostic systems. You will be ready to go in less than seven seconds!



These units are cutting edge when it comes to connectivity and ease 
of maintenance—with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a large touch screen, a status monitoring app, and remote service. All machines are available as R134A ansd R1234yf


The system eliminates bad odour caused by bacteria, fungi and moulds lurking in the vehicle interior

OzonePRO offers an intelligent procedure for consistent results. As the sanitising process is entirely guided by the special software: through the sensor, it analyses the concentration rate of the gas fed into the vehicle interior until the ideal threshold is reached, maintaining its level throughout the time needed for sterilisation to be achieved, through a specific strategy based on the type of vehicle and its inner condition.


TechPRO® Digital ADAS, MAHLE revolutionary system, is super simple and easy, making maintenance of ADAS systems accessible to all workshops. With the TARGETLESS DIGITAL SYSTEM (patent), no additional panel is required.

  ATX-Auto Transmission

  • Zero-Cross — a fast program facilitates safe, convenient oil type changes with the highest purity (FluidPRO® ATX 180 only)
  • On-board and Web database — quickly provides detailed information on the relevant vehicle specifications and service information, such as oil type, fill level MAHLE adapter and filter
  • Complete—the simple and intuitive interface guides you quickly and comprehensively through the automated service process
  • Highest level of purity — No contamination of the oil, ensured by two pumps, separate oil circuits, and an automated cleaning process level of purity: No contamination of the oil, ensured by two pumps, separate oil circuits, and an automated cleaning process

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