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In 2019 we became the UK & Irelands exclusive importer for Topdon Professional range of diagnostic tools. A new brand that has manage to captivate & disrupt the market. With features such as Online coding & programming for some of the most popular car brands on the road today.

Topdon have a very long history in vehicle diagnostics and over the last few years have exploded on to the market with their very own range.

With the ability to carry out the most demanding workshop tasks within its diagnostic database the Phoenix Pro (ArtiPad) also holds a very special weapon within!!

With online coding & programming capabilities for some of the worlds largest vehicle manufacturers, the Topdon range has fast become a must have tool in many workshops worldwide!!

Introducing Phoenix Lite

The Topdon Phoenix Lite is the NEW Facelift of the awesome ArtiMini!!


The Phoenix Lite has the exact same great tablet specifications from the ArtiMini with the exact same diagnostic capabilities. Just like all things wise & old, Topdon has gone grey!!!

TOPDON Phoenix Lite serves as the newest addition to the all-in-one diagnostic tool. This advanced pro-level scanner stands apart from others with a full list of cutting-edge features, such as active tests, 21 most commonly-used service functions, with wide vehicle coverage. Its quality and technical support are all set to top-notch standards being highly-beneficial for experienced DIY'ers, automotive mechanics, and garage owners.

Phoenix PLUS...

The Topdon Phoenix PLUS is the latest entry into the Topdon range. As with all Topdon products the Phoenix PLUS is supplied with 2 Years updates.


    • High-End Diagnostic Tool ➤ The OE-level Phoenix Plus featuring ECU Coding to customise Benz, BMW E/F/G Chassis, VAG, Porsche, etc. Guided Function for VAG, Guided DTCs Trouble Shooting for Porsche (after 2011). Setting & Changeover for Benz. Modification for BMW, Porsche. Personalization for BMW E/F/G Chassis, VAG, Toyota. AutoAuth Access, Bi-Directional Control, 28+ Hot Services, All Systems Diagnostics, AutoVIN & AutoScan, with non-16pin connector kit.

    • 28+ Hot Maintenance Services ➤ The maximum on the market. This scan tool can perform: Oil/ SAS/EPB/TPMS/DPF/IMMO/BMS/ETS/Gear/Brake/AFS/GEARBOX/EGR/SUNROOF/SUS Reset, ABS Bleed, Injector coding, etc. with scheduled procedures and smooth logical workflow to make maintenance a breeze in the workshop. Also an obd2 scanner featuring all obd2 test modes to satisfy emission-related concerns, and solve most basic car issues for improved car performance.

    • One-Touch AutoVIN & AutoScan + All Available System Access + Active Test ➤ This diagnostic scanner can quickly make an automatic connection to the vehicle ECU modules in all available onboard systems such as transmission, emission, fuel, engine, body, power and many more, to perform a comprehensive automatic scanning to locate faulty area and retrieve DTCs related. Also a bi-directional car scanner to effortlessly determine a specific subsystem/component status instead of using vehicle’s own controls.

More Popular Topdon Products...


The NEW TOPDON TP-47 TPMS Service Tool, is a great low cost TPMS solution.

Unique to the TP-47 is the ability to program over 20 different aftermarket sensor brands

Key Programming

As the newest addition to the TOPDON family of highly advanced smart diagnostic tools.

TOPDON Ninja 1000 serves as the OBD key programming tool for the automotive immobilizer system. An array of powerful features including Key Generation, PIN Reading, Key Learning, Remote Learning, Key Deletion, All Keys Lost, and more, are all covered.

Battery Testing

TOPDON BT500P serves as a newly-released automotive battery tester and combines the most advanced conductance testing technology to give users fast and accurate test results of battery condition, starting and charging system. With reverse polarity protection and built-in thermal printer. The BT500P is an easy battery test solution for technicians, professionals, and DIYers.

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